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During the summer of 2009, the Patriot League was one of 18 institutions or conferences which was selected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to receive a women's basketball grant as part of the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Grant Program, which is in its second year. The 2009-10 NCAA grant program dedicated approximately $750,000 nationally to increase awareness, exposure and increase attendance of women's basketball. The Patriot League was the only conference to be awarded grant funding during the first two years of program.

"We are pleased with the success of many of last year's grant recipients and are excited to see what these new recipients are able to achieve with this assistance," said NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Vice President Sue Donohoe. "When resources are allocated and efforts are focused to promote women's basketball, it can provide a meaningful return on the investment."

The Patriot League is planning to use the grant for numerous exciting activities and initiatives. The League will work with each of its eight member schools to implement a plan that will best suit each campus, as well as provide additional funding to support the program.

A total of 75 member schools and conferences submitted proposals in the second year of the pilot program. National office staff and representatives from the NCAA women's basketball marketing consultant firm, Hawkeye Sports and Entertainment, evaluated the proposals.

In the spring of 2008, the Patriot League received one of 17 grants as part of the newly designed NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Grant Program. The grant program is designed to foster the growth of women's basketball on NCAA member campuses and within NCAA member conferences.

"We are very excited to receive a grant that will enable the League and its member schools to continue to grow and develop a fan base for women's basketball," said Carolyn Schlie Femovich, Patriot League Executive Director. "The League looks forward to working cooperatively with its eight member institutions to promote our programs and build a stronger community around women's basketball."

Prior to the 2008-09 campaign, more than 70 member institutions and conferences submitted proposals in the first year of the three-year pilot program. The competition for the grants was very intense as institutions and conferences came up with original ideas for promoting women's basketball.

The target audiences for the program include youth organizations, senior groups, community and civic organizations and students and alumni of each of the eight Patriot League institutions.

The goal is to increase the home attendance for the entire 2010 Patriot League women's basketball campaign through a variety of promotions and engaging local organizations to attend and learn more about the Patriot League women's basketball programs, as well as expose individuals to the academic institutions.

To follow Patriot League Women's Basketball when you are unable to attend the game in person, visit Patriot League All-Access, which is a comprehensive streaming package of nearly every Patriot League women's basketball game during League play and the Patriot League Tournament. To register for a subscription or to learn more information about Patriot League All-Access, visit click here


American Crowd Shot Below are the dates of each institution's home Patriot League games for the 2009-10 season.
Promotions will be held on each date of the Patriot League regular-season schedule. Please check throughout the campaign for a brief descriptions of each school's promotions.

Saturday, Jan. 9 vs. Lehigh, 2 p.m. - Women's Basketball Alumni Day
Wednesday, Jan. 13 vs. Bucknell, 7 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 20 vs. Army, 7 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 30 vs. Lafayette, 2 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 13 vs. Colgate, 2 p.m. - Pack The House Challenge /Pink Zone / National Girls & Women In Sports Day
Saturday, Feb. 20 vs. Holy Cross, 2 p.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 24 vs. Navy, 7 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 9 vs. Colgate, 1 p.m. - Take a Kid to the Game Day
Wednesday, Jan. 13 vs. Holy Cross, 7 p.m. -
Wednesday, Jan. 27 vs. Lafayette, 7 p.m. - Army Wives Appreciation Night/ Hockey Ticket Special
Saturday, Jan. 30 vs. Bucknell, 1 p.m. - Military Appreciation Day / Ike Hall Sinatra Promotion
Saturday, Feb. 13 vs. Lehigh, 1 p.m. - Pink Zone / National Girls & Women In Sports Day / Big Brother/Big Sister Day / Valentine's Buy One, Get One Free
Wednesday, Feb. 17 vs. American, 7 p.m. - West Point Youth Sports Day
*Saturday, Feb. 20 vs. Navy, 11 a.m. - Scout Day / Service Appreciation Day / Pack the House Challenge / Bouncing Bulldogs Clinic / Clinic Day

Saturday, Jan. 16 vs. Holy Cross, 2 p.m. - State Farm/BU Dining Feed The Fan / Ticket Promotion / Middle School Night (Kids Day Out)
Wednesday, Jan. 20 vs. Lafayette, 7 p.m. - Service Personnel Night / Coat Drive - Men and Women in the service industry (Armed Forces, Police, Fire and rescue workers, and restaurant workers)
Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Colgate, 7 p.m. - USA Jump Rope Team / Elementary School Night / Girl Scout Night / Cheerleader Night / Daycare Centers-Elementary School/Girl Scouts/Cheerleader/Daycare Center Night
Saturday, Feb. 6 vs. Navy, 7 p.m. - Alumni Game / Youth Basketball Night / High School Night- Youth Basketball
Wednesday, Feb. 10 vs. American, 7 p.m. - National Girls & Women In Sports Day / Library Campaign Night / WBCA Pink Zone
Wednesday, Feb. 24 vs. Lehigh, 7 p.m. - Pack the House Challenge/ Spirit Night / Camper Day / After-School Programs Night/Greek Night
Saturday, Feb. 27 vs. Army, 7 p.m. - Senior Night / Upward Night / CYO Night

Saturday, Jan. 16 vs. American, 2 p.m. - Meet the Raiders /Autograph session post-game
Wednesday, Jan. 20 vs. Lehigh, 7 p.m. - Shoe Drive
Saturday, Jan. 30 vs. Navy, 2 p.m. - "Paint the Court Maroon" /Rowdy Raiders Game
Saturday, Feb. 6 vs. Army, 2 p.m. - "Youth Day / Report Card Day / NGWSD"
Wednesday, Feb. 10 vs. Lafayette, 7 p.m. - Greek Challenge - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 free
Saturday, Feb. 20 vs. Bucknell, 2 p.m. - Pack the House Challenge/Pink Zone
Wednesday, Feb. 24 vs. Holy Cross, 7 p.m. - "Reslife Challenge Rowdy Raiders Game"

Army Crowd Shot Holy Cross
Saturday, Jan. 9 vs. Lafayette, 1 p.m. - Post-game clinic
Sunday, Jan. 24 vs. American, 2 p.m. (CBS College Sports) - Pack the House Challenge / WHITE OUT / Autograph session /
National Girls & Women In Sports Day / Camper Day
Saturday, Jan. 27 vs. Colgate, 7 p.m. - Flip Camera / Cash Giveaway
Wednesday, Feb. 10 vs. Army, 7 p.m. - Sack-Pack giveaway
Saturday, Feb. 13 vs. Bucknell, 3 p.m. - Pink Zone / Winter Homecoming
Wednesday, Feb. 17 vs. Navy, 7 p.m. - Student Cash Night
Saturday, Feb. 27 vs. Lehigh, 1 p.m. - Senior Day / Replica Jersey Giveaway

Wednesday, Feb. 13 vs. Colgate, 7 p.m. - Youth Sports Night
Saturday, Jan. 16 vs. Navy, 1 p.m. - CBL Day / Post-Game Autograph Session / Schedule Poster Giveaway
Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Lehigh, 1 p.m. - Alumni Game / Youth Cheerleader Day
Saturday, Feb. 6 vs. Holy Cross, 1 p.m. - Pack the House Challenge / Pink Zone / Wing-Eating Contest
Wednesday, Feb. 17 vs. Bucknell, 7 p.m. - Girl Scouts and Brownies / National Girls & Women In Sports Day
Wednesday, Feb. 24 vs. Army, 7 p.m. - Maroon Platoon / Faculty Appreciation Night
Saturday, Feb. 27 vs. American, 1 p.m. - Poster Day / Lunch with the Leopard and Coach Frank Tavani

Wednesday, Jan. 9 vs. Navy, 7 p.m. (SE2) - Coat Drive
Saturday, Jan. 16 vs. Army, 7 p.m. (SE2) - Heroes Night (honor all military, law enforcement, safety personnel for their service)
Wednesday, Jan. 27 vs. Bucknell, 7 p.m. (SE2) - Faculty/Staff Night
Saturday, Jan. 30 vs. Holy Cross, 1 p.m. (SE2) - Band Day
Saturday, Feb. 6 vs. American, 7 p.m. (SE2) - National Girls & Women In Sports Day / Pack the House Challenge / Girl Scout Night
Wednesday, Feb. 17 vs. Colgate, 7 p.m. (SE2) - Food Drive
Saturday, Feb. 20 vs. Lafayette, 7 p.m. (SE2) - Pink Zone

Friday, Jan. 8 vs. Bucknell, 7 p.m. - Pack the House Challenge/Scout Night/Anne Arundel County Public Schools Faculty/Staff Day /Bring Your "A" Game! /Scores for Schools Night
Wednesday, Jan. 20 vs. Holy Cross, 7 p.m. - Active Senior Night
*Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Army, 3 p.m. - Active Senior Night /Kings Firecrackers Halftime Performance
Wednesday, Jan. 27 vs. American, 7 p.m. - Scores for Schools Night /John Casey Frisbee Dogs Halftime Show
Wednesday, Feb. 10 vs. Lehigh, 7 p.m. - Brigade Sports Complex Day
Saturday, Feb. 13 vs. Lafayette, 7 p.m. - Pink Zone Game /Midshipmen Sponsor Appreciation Day /Scores for Schools Night
Saturday, Feb. 27 vs. Colgate, 7 p.m. - Senior Night/National Women in Sports Night /Daughters Night /Scores for Schools - Old Mill Cluster Night

* Women and men's doubleheader