Halaquist Helps Out

PATRIOTLEAGUEDOTORG Lehigh's Tenley Halaquist
Lehigh's Tenley Halaquist

Nov. 30, 2011

By Justin Lafleur

This summer’s one-two punch of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee made its mark on the East Coast, leaving buildings destroyed due to winds and flooding. For Lehigh softball senior Tenley Halaquist, it hit close to home. With her town of Windsor, N.Y. battered by flooding, Halaquist took action to help her hometown, while also helping spread the Lehigh name.

“It was heartbreaking that my town was flooded and I think it bothered me the most because I wasn’t there to help,” said Halaquist. “I went home to help my sister and they were pumping out water. A bunch of other houses were still flooded and they couldn’t get in until probably a week later.”

Halaquist’s hometown is located just 16 miles east of Binghamton, which received historic flooding as well. Windsor was also flooded in 2006, but luckily for Halaquist, her house wasn’t damaged either time since she lives on a mountain.

“It happened the same way this year as it did in 2006,” she said. “It ran off the mountain; it was a little river, but it just missed our house. We were really thankful.”

It all started towards the end of August when Hurricane Irene struck the East Coast. Then, Tropical Storm Lee followed barely over a week later. The ground was saturated as is, especially after Irene, but it was Lee that seemed to push everything over the top.

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