Tom Marryott, U.S. Naval Academy (3rd Season)

2005-06 Patriot League Women's Basketball Composite Schedule

Tom Marryott

Five Questions Archive

Each Friday during the Patriot League women's basketball season, will provide a brief question-and-answer session with each head coach, which were completed prior to the start of the League schedule in the beginning of January. This week, the interview is with Navy's Tom Marryott.

Q1 - What are your thoughts on your season thus far (prior to League play)?

A1 - "It was the best of times it was the worst of times." Inconsistency has been our biggest challenge so far. I have been so pleased at times with our play. We are executing offensively and really challenging on the defensive end, but only for a half or a ten minute stretch. We need to maintain the high level of play we occasionally have while limiting those stretches where we just don't compete like we are capable of.

Q2 - What are your expectations of the upcoming League schedule?

A2 - Just looking at the scores around the League, I believe that each and every game is going to be terrific battle. I just hope that we can keep improving so come tournament time we will be playing our best basketball of the year. I know that we are going to need to be ready for every contest or we are going to be in trouble.

Q3 - Who will be your toughest competitors once League play beings?

A3 - Our toughest competitor will be our next opponent. If there is one thing that I have learned in my brief time in the Patriot League it is that we need to be ready to play at our very best every night. If we aren't prepared and focused each contest we will be going home with a loss. The players and coaches in this League are too good to not approach each game with your best effort.

Q4 - How much pride do you take in the Patriot League scholar-athlete model?

A4 - One of the things that I am most proud of this Navy Basketball team is the way our athletes excel as basketball players and excel in the classroom. I have the utmost respect for the type of student-athletes they are on and off the floor. I also know that they are indicative of the rest of the athletes in our League. We should all be very proud of the high caliber of basketball we are playing and the high caliber of student we are working with.

Q5 - Who should the opposition be scouting on this year's Navy team?

A5 - The coaches in this League do such a good job of preparing for each game that the trick is to be a good TEAM. We need to be able to make adjustments and read what our opposition is doing to us. In that way we hope to not let a team take us away from our game plan by focusing on any individuals or specific sets.