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The NCAA created a branding campaign in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of NCAA Women's College Basketball in an effort to increase attendance and gain further recognition and exposure for the sport. The branding campaign is now in its third year.

Through research of the sport of women's basketball five unique attributes have been identified that set the women's game apart.

  • Women's college basketball student-athletes play a fundamentally sound game
  • Women's college basketball features a high quality of play and competition
  • Women's college basketball players are amazing role models for young children
  • Women's college basketball provides a family-oriented brand of entertainment
  • Women's college basketball players demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship
The NCAA and its conferences and member institutions strongly believe that women's college basketball is a community where the student-athlete is provided opportunities to build character through sports participation, while balancing education, in accordance with the mission of the NCAA, to increase the caliber of competition and broaden the appeal of the sport.

College women's basketball is a great atmosphere for families and the community alike. The women who play are great role models to young girls and boys who have a love for basketball. It is the hope of the NCAA that casual attendees of women's basketball games become great fans and continue to support these women and their teams.

Patriot League Executive Director Carolyn Schlie Femovich currently serves as the chair of the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Issues Committee and played an integral role in planning the women's basketball branding initiative.

Each conference and institution has been sent a branding activation kit with a summary of all the research compiled by the NCAA. The activation kit is designed to aid conferences and institutions in the support and promotion of women's basketball.

Femovich noted her dedication to the branding initiative by saying, "The NCAA has committed staff time and a significant amount of resources to this branding initiative. As we now get into the activation stage, it's essential that all of the stakeholders, but particularly those of us directly involved with women's basketball at the conference and institutional level, get behind it and work aggressively to implement the activation plan."

At the conference level, the Patriot League's schools will support the NCAA Pack the House initiative during the 2007-08 season.

The Patriot League makes concerted efforts to promote women's sports. The League produces an annual magazine - Women in Sports - to promote the accomplishments of its current and former student-athletes, coaches and administrators. The magazine also serves as a piece to encourage girls to participate in sport and to learn about career opportunities in athletics. The Patriot League Women's Basketball media guide promotes the NCAA branding initiative with the use of its ad.

In February the League, along with its member institutions, support National Girls and Women in Sport Day (NGWSD). Each institution designates a specific date to celebrate NGWSD and plans events and promotions around a women's athletic event to encourage young girls to become involved and stay involved in sports. The League's annual Women in Sports magazine is distributed on each campus at its NGWSD event. Visit the League's Celebrating Women in Sports web page to read our Women in Sports magazine, find out about each of the Patriot League's schools plans for celebrating NGWSD and about the amazing accomplishments of the Patriot League's women.

For addition information about the NCAA's Women's Basketball Branding Initiative click here.

Make plans to attend Patriot League women's basketball regular-season and tournament games by calling the ticket offices of our member institutions. For the complete 2007-08 Patriot League Women's Basketball Composite Schedule click here. For more information on the 2008 Patriot League Women's Basketball Tournament view its championship page by click here.

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