Lt. Billy Hurley Chases Improbable Dream

Navy's Billy Hurley

Dec. 1, 2010

In his own circuitous fashion, Lt. Billy Hurley wants to join the plebe ranks all over again.

That's the centuries-old term used to describe the freshman class at the storied U.S. Naval Academy, where Hurley began his improbable paddling into the deepest talent pool in the professional game, a decade ago.

Freshman ... tour rookie. Pretty much the same thing, minus the hazing.

Fairly fresh off the deck of a Navy destroyer after concluding tours in global hot zones near China, Korea and the Persian Gulf, Hurley this week finally finds himself in the warmest possible locale as it relates to his new profession.

From Pearl Harbor to the Persian Gulf and possibly to the PGA Tour, Hurley is adrift among 165 others trying to secure a card at six rounds of corporal punishment called Qualifying School Finals.

In the Navy, a fathom is a measure of depth and distance. Perfect, since Hurley's career track is largely unfathomable for most guys to digest. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 2004 and then finally fulfilling his five-year hitch, Hurley has fired up the twin screws on his career. As a famous guy once said, damn the torpedoes and all that.

"Now he is making up for lost time," his caddie, Steve Hulka, said.

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