Randolph Leads Holy Cross Revival

PATRIOTLEAGUEDOTORG Holy Cross senior quarterback Dominic Randolph
Holy Cross senior quarterback Dominic Randolph

Nov. 18, 2009

Dominic Randolph is the reason the pro scouts come to Worcester. He's the best football player in New England and has a chance to play in the National Football League next year.

It has been a while since anybody from the NFL visited Mt. Saint James.

Back in the 1950s and '60s, Holy Cross regularly scheduled Syracuse, Boston College, Penn State, Rutgers, and Pitt. In 1946, Holy Cross played Miami in the Orange Bowl. The '46 Crusader quarterback was Gene DeFilippo, father of today's BC athletic director.

Those days have gone the way of the $200 annual tuition bill. Division 1 football is big business with boosters, stadiums, TV deals, and full scholarships - schools like Boston College. Holy Cross has none of the above.

There are approximately 1,260 male students at Holy Cross, and it wouldn't make much sense to have 7 percent of them on football scholarships. The Cross went to Division 1-AA in 1982, joined the Patriot League in 1986, and offered its last football scholarships in 1988. Longtime rival BC was taken off the schedule in 1987.

While this unfolded, old-school alums howled ("We never lost to Colgate in my day!'') and Fitton Field crowds thinned to high school size. From 1993-2004, the downsized program endured 10 losing seasons.

"It was a dark, dark time in Holy Cross football,'' concedes Gilmore, who came on board in 2004. Now the Cross is back. In a small way. The 9-1 Crusaders are ranked 13th in the nation in Division 1 FCS (i.e. Division 1-AA). And much to the delight of the hungry-for-past-glory alums, Holy Cross has a quarterback who is better than anyone playing at Chestnut Hill.

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