Fordham's Skelton Muscles Way into NFL Draft Conversation

PATRIOTLEAGUEDOTORG Fordham senior quarterback John Skelton
Fordham senior quarterback John Skelton

Aug. 27, 2009

John Skelton knew he was being watched. He could feel the eyes trained on him, analyzing his footwork, dissecting his throwing motion, even scrutinizing the way he carried himself during Thursday's practice.

Fordham's senior quarterback knew an NFL scout was sizing him up like a piece of meat. But he didn't care.

"I used to get nervous," he said. "But not anymore."

Until this month, Skelton had never seen an NFL scout, much less had one breaking down his own performance. Few league personnel men were interested in visiting the tiny Jesuit school with the FCS gridiron program.

That's gradually changing. The Jets, Broncos and Redskins have all sent reps to Fordham, and the Colts and a handful of other teams have requested credentials to scout the squad during the season.

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