Navy Men's Basketball Team Visits the Carver Academy

PATRIOTLEAGUEDOTORG David Robinson gave the Navy men's basketball team a tour of the Carver Academy, a school that he founded and opened in 2001.
David Robinson gave the Navy men's basketball team a tour of the Carver Academy, a school that he founded and opened in 2001.

Nov. 16, 2007

  • Photo Gallery at the Carver Academy
  • SAN ANTONIO, Texas - The Navy men's basketball team spent its Friday morning in the Lone Star State at David Robinson's Carver Academy, spending time and visiting with the youth at the facility. Founded by Robinson, the Carver Academy, which opened in 2001, is designed to serve elementary-age children from San Antonio's culturally and economically diverse community.

    Focusing on six pillars of strength, kids in grades pre-kindergarten to sixth grade are offered a challenging academic program that features small, classic leadership opportunities and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian scripture. Graduates of the Carver Academy will be prepared for success in the nation's most competitive high schools and will display the highest levels of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity. The Carver Academy welcomes children regardless of race, creed or financial status.

    The six pillars the Carver Academy focuses on are discipline, initiative, leadership, integrity, faith and service. The latter two pillars are the main ones that are focused on at the Carver Academy.

    "We focus on six pillars here at Carver, with faith and service serving as the key ones," said Robinson. "We took some of the principles of the Naval Academy and some of inventor George Washington Carver (whom the school is named for) and applied them here. I loved Carver's simple and clear understanding of what service meant. He didn't get caught up in financial success and what he had and didn't have, and instead focused on service. That is the message we teach here. It doesn't matter what you have and what you don't have, because without faith and service, you are lacking passion and purpose."



    The first 40 minutes of the team's visit was spent at a church service with the students, followed by a tour of the facility led by Robinson. The pre-kindergarten class then gave a presentation with their handhelds and demonstrated their knowledge in languages, being asked to answer questions in categories in such as colors, numbers and songs in German, Japanese and Spanish.

    The program's core curriculum focuses on excellence in ready and language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, technology, fine arts, athletics and three foreign languages including German, Japanese and Spanish for all students. Extracirricular activities include art, athletics, band, choir, computer instruction, cooking classes, dance, ebook club, gardening, guitar lessons, piano lessons and tutorial programs. Personal laptops and handhelds assist students in maintaining schedules, obtaining tutoring help, conducting research and much more.

    Robinson will attend Saturday night's Navy-UTSA game at the Alamodome.

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