Hanko Anchors Navy's Chase for Title

Navy's Andrew Hanko

Oct. 30, 2010

Al Cantello has enjoyed a few plates of spaghetti over the years. He believes the dish is best served with bread and a tasty beverage.

So it's with a combination of awe and disbelief that the veteran cross country coach discusses his team's routine before a meet.

"It's been a tradition the last two years to go to a pasta joint the night before a race,'' Cantello said. "And not once in the last two years has anybody eaten a slice of bread. People eat bread with spaghetti. They tell the waiter 'no bread, and we'll drink water.' They revel in it. The waiters don't make any money off this crowd.''

Navy's top runner, senior Andrew Hanko, doesn't make a big deal about the team's ordering habits, but acknowledges the benefits of such a diet extend beyond weight control.

"It's not a big issue, it's just one of the little things we do to,'' said Hanko, a two-time All-Mid-Atlantic selection. "It's a mental thing. It just shows how dedicated we are and how much we're willing to sacrifice for the team.''

Whatever the methods, the Mids are on a good run heading into this weekend's Patriot League Championships in Easton, Pa.

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