Mish Hitting Stride at Holy Cross

Holy Cross' Brad Mish

Jan. 6, 2009

Brad Mish partly feels he missed out on what could have been some high school glory. His high school, Hopkins Academy in Hadley, didn't offer cross country or track, so Mish never got a chance to be the best runner - or any type of runner - at his school.

Mish, though, said he may have caught a break by not running competitively in high school. Every year at the College of the Holy Cross, Mish has seen many former elite high school runners suffer mental and physical breakdowns.

But for Mish, a senior at the Worcester school, running is fresh. It's fun, and since joining the cross country team as a walk-on in the fall of 2005, he's regularly improved in cross country, and indoor and outdoor track.

Mish played soccer at Hopkins Academy, which is one of the smallest schools in the state. It was in soccer where Mish realized he had some talent for running.

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