Laura Gorinski: Learning to Lead

Navy's Laura Gorinski

Sept. 27, 2012

By Justin Kischefsky
Assistant Sports Information Director

"What characteristics should a leader have?"

This question hung in the air for a stumped Laura Gorinski when it was asked of her back in 2008. A high school senior at the time of the query, she had previously vowed to her guidance counselor that she was, "NOT going into the military!" Yet there she was, interviewing for an appointment to the Naval Academy in Congressman Tim Murphy's office before an intimidating Army general who was anxiously awaiting her response. Only adding to Gorinski's nervousness in the setting was her being baffled as to what was an appropriate answer to the question.

After some fidgeting, she broke the silence by stating in a shaky voice to the patient general, "Uhm, a leader should be ... confident?"

"I had no clue how to answer that question," laughingly recalled Gorinski in the fall of 2012.

Gorinski may have stumbled through her response to the general four years ago, but her experiences since as a midshipman and standout member of the Navy women's swimming team have prepared her to provide a much more knowledgeable answer to the question today.

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