The Navy men's swimming & diving team's Class of 2011

Navy's Class of 2011

May 27, 2011

Jesse Cohen was service assigned surface warfare officer but hopes to spread his talents to other areas as a civil engineer (aka Seabee) or a Salvage Diver. To his parents, Jesse says, "thank you for your support. I love you both and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you."

Four years ago, Pete Donahue dreamed of serving his country more than anything so chose the Navy as his college and career. Truly at home in the water, Pete majored in oceanography and made the Dean's list. He will fly as a navy pilot for his service assignment. His favorite team moment was beating Army for the 20th year in a row. To his parents, Pete would like to say, "Thank you for all the support you have given me over the past four years. I couldn't have done it without you." And to the team, "Continue to make all of us proud to have been a part of the best team on The Yard."

Ryan Ward majored in international relations because he believes that understanding the world around us and the ways in which it operates is a unique and valuable tool that very few possess. Among his academic accomplishments, he appeared on the Commandant's List three times and also received a prestigious internship to NATO. Ryan was service assigned explosive ordnance disposal. His greatest athletic accomplishment at Navy was winning the 200 backstroke at the Patriot League Championship as a freshman and being able to properly honor Fran Crippen during their dual meet against Virginia this season. Ryan declares, "Attending Navy was the best choice I ever made and I would do it again a thousand times over." To his parents, Ryan wants them to know that, "Every accomplishment, accolade or achievement he has ever made in his life is due to your unyielding support and unconditional love." To the team, Ryan says, "Make your mark, take care of one another and never waste a moment that you have on this team."



The Naval Academy was the only place for Jordan Spector as he wanted to become a Navy SEAL from day one in Annapolis. In the hopes of becoming more profoundly versed in the classic works of literature, Jordan chose Honors English as his academic major. A true scholar, Jordan's name has frequented the Superintendent's List six times and the Commandant's List once. To date, his proudest athletic accomplishment was fighting his way back onto the team after spending a year on exchange in Ukraine. Proud of this team, Jordan's favorite moment was getting a locker name plate this year saying he was part of the team. To his parents he says, "Thank you. For everything."

Ryan Stumpf majored in ocean engineering. His plethora of academic accomplishments includes being on the Commandant's, Dean's, and Superintendent's lists. Ryan was service assigned submarines. About the team, he says, "There hasn't been one favorite moment I've experienced, but being a part of this team for four years has been great." To his parents, Ryan says, "Thanks for all the support over the years in getting me to where I am today." To the team, Ryan would like to say, "The past four years would not have been possible without the people on this team. Thanks for the memories, and keep up the hard work."

Andrew Blazuk, son of David and Elizabeth Blazuk, hails from Seminole, Fla. He never really considered any other college but Navy because it seemed like a challenge and a great opportunity. Intrigued by the subject matter and eager to learn more about it, he decided to major in ocean engineering. He has appeared on the Commandant's List five times and the Dean's List once. He was service assigned submarines. He is very proud to be a part of the team that's beaten Army 20 consecutive years and cracked into the Top 25 nationally. To his parents, Andrew would like to share, Tthank you for all your love and support. I love you both." And to his teammates, "Good luck in and out of the pool. Keep the traditions alive. It has been awesome being a part of this team."

J.J. Helms chose Navy because of the team, the school, and what this institution stands for. "My recruiting trip pretty much sealed the deal." An oceanography major, Josh was service assigned naval flight officer because he knew the aviation track was right for him. His proudest athletic accomplishments include just being a part of the team and a top 25 D-1 program. To his teammates, J.J. says, "Thanks so much, guys. If it had not been for you and this program, I would not have made it through here."

An economics major, Aaron Aiken received surface warfare officer as his service assignment. His top athletic accomplishment was beating Army all four years. He can't remember one greatest team moment, as the last four years have all been great. To his parents, Aaron would like to say, "It's been a long 16 years of swimming. Thanks for being there all the while."

Adam Calloway decided on Navy because, "I thought it could be one of the hardest challenges of his life, and boy was I right. But of course it was totally worth it." Truly diligent in his studies, the English major has worked hard to achieve the Commandant's List six times and the Dean's List once. He was service assigned Marine Corps ground. His proudest athletic accomplishment is being able to swim for four years at a D-1, recently Top-25 ranked school. To his parents Adam would like to say, "Thank for everything you've done in support of my swimming. I love you."

Team manager Spencer Jurkiewicz chose Navy as the best over the rest because it is the opportunity of a lifetime. He is grateful to have the academic merits of being on the Commandant's List for three semesters and being service assigned submarines. A newly-discovered lover of running, he has completed four marathons and a number of half-marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks. Finally, he adds, "I helped recruit the classes of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and I have nothing but high expectations for the future of this team."

Bryan Gentz decided to major in systems engineering because he wanted to be at the "forefront of emerging technology, and learn how to use and further develop technology in a changing world." Bryan is proud to have been service assigned as a navy flight officer. To the team, Bryan would like to say, "Thank you all for the past four years. With the talent behind us, I feel confident that this team will continue to grow and become an even better team in the future." Bryan would like to also thank his parents Mike, Betty, Chris, and Don, for always supporting him.

Olaf Olson became a history major because he wanted to develop communication skills and a critical perception of the world. He has made the Commandant's List four times and the Deans List once. His favorite Navy men's swimming memories are beating Army for the 20th time in a row and spending four years on the team. He would like to thank his parents for giving him the tools he needed to make it to the Academy.

Erik Hunter's academic accomplishments include making the Commandant's List five times. Erik has been service assigned Navy pilot. To his parents, Erik would like to thank them for always believing in him and supporting him in everything he has done. "I wouldn't be here without great parents like you, you are my heroes!"

Matthew Harmon chose naval architecture as his major for all of the hands-on projects, interesting material, great career opportunities, and the ability to design his own yacht. Both the Commandant's List and the Dean's List have been graced by his name three times. Matt is service selecting submarines to be part of the cutting edge of naval warfare and to be part of a great team on the boats. Matt chose Navy for the challenge, the opportunity to serve, and a chance to swim on an amazing team. His favorite team moment was beating Army for the fourth time in his career this year. He wants to thank his teammates for pushing him everyday in practice and making this a fun experience. To his parents, Matt would like to thank them for supporting him through everything he's done. Finally, he adds, "I thank God for all my gifts and talents and for the strength to carry on through tough times, the coaches for making this a memorable four years, and my siblings for all their love and support."

Team captain Sam Martinette was sold on Navy after his recruiting trip. Sam majored in history and has been service assigned as a naval pilot. His proudest athletic accomplishment to date is being elected team captain by this great group of guys, and his top goal for this season was to see the team reach its full potential in and out of the water this season. A message for the greater public: "Thanks to everyone who has supported myself and my teammates over these last four years." To his parents, Sam would like to say, "Thanks Mom and Dad. You've always been there for me." To the team, Sam says, "Don't ever take being a part of this team for granted."