Patriot League Committees

Council of Presidents
Dr. Cornelius M. Kerwin, American University
LTG Robert L. Caslen, Jr., U.S. Military Academy
Dr. Robert A. Brown, Boston University
Dr. John C. Bravman, Bucknell University
Dr. Jeffrey Herbst, Colgate University
Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., College of the Holy Cross (Committee Chair)
Dr. Alison Byerly, Lafayette College
John D. Simon, Lehigh University
Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., Loyola University Maryland
Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller, USN, U.S. Naval Academy
Committee on Athletic Administration
Dr. Billy Walker and Athena Argyropoulous, American University
Boo Corrigan and Stephanie Menio, U.S. Military Academy
Drew Marrochello and Bethany Ellis, Boston University
John Hardt and Maisha Kelly, Bucknell University
Vicky Chun and Ann-Marie Guglieri, Colgate University
Nate Pine and Ann Zelesky, College of the Holy Cross
Dr. Bruce E. McCutcheon and Kaitlyn McKittrick, Lafayette College
Dr. Joe Sterrett (Committee Chair) and Karen Adams, Lehigh University
Jim Paquette and Teddi Burns, Loyola University Maryland
Chet Gladchuk and Loretta Lamar, U.S. Naval Academy
Policy Committee
Dr. Gail Hanson, American University (Vice President for Campus Life)
COL Cindy Jebb, U.S. Military Academy (Professor and Deputy Head Department of Social Sciences)
Todd Klipp, Boston University (Senior Vice President)
Dr. Mitchell Chernin, Bucknell University (Professor of Biology)
Dr. Doug Johnson, Colgate University (Associate Dean of the Faculty)
Dr. Jeff Gray, Fordham University (Vice President for Student Affairs)
Erik Smulson, Georgetown University (Vice President for Public Affairs and Sr. Advisor to the President)
Dr. John F. Axelson, College of the Holy Cross (Professor of Psychology)
Dr. James W. Dicker, Lafayette College (Vice President Development/College Relations)
Dr. Bruce Taggart, Lehigh University (Vice Provost)
Dr. Susan Donovan, Loyola University Maryland (Executive Vice President)
Dr. Christine Copper, U.S. Naval Academy (Chemistry Department) (Committee Chair)
Patriot League On NCAA Committees
Presidential Advisory Group: Dr. John Bravman, Bucknell
Leadership Council: John Hardt, Bucknell
Legislative Council: Kaity McKittrick, Lafayette
Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee: Loretta Lamar, Navy
Championship/Sports Management Cabinet: Vicky Chun, Colgate
Administrative Cabinet: Dr. Christine Copper, Navy
Awards/Benefits and Financial Aid Cabinet: Jessica Hagemann, American
Review and Interpretations Committee: Loretta Lamar, Navy
Student-Athlete Advisory: Stephanie Burry, Amercan
Football Issues Committee: Frank McLaughlin, Fordham
Football Championship: Frank McLaughlin, Fordham
Men's Ice Hockey: Brian Riley, Army
Men's Lacrosse: John Hardt, Bucknell
Women's Lacrosse: Ann-Marie Guglieri, Colgate
Men's Soccer: Bill Wnek, Loyola University Maryland
Men and Women's Rifle: Bill Kelley, Navy
Women's Soccer: Drew Marrochello, Boston University
Women's Softball: Michelle DePolo, Army
Track and Field: Jason Butikofer, Army
Wrestling Rules: Gene McIntyre, Army