Patriot League Award of Good Sporting Conduct

In the spirit of ethical conduct and good sporting behavior, the Patriot League recognizes and honors exemplary sporting behavior with the Patriot League Award of Good Sporting Conduct. Below is information about the award.

Who Is Eligible?
All Patriot League student-athletes, coaches, teams as a whole and staff members associated with the intercollegiate athletic program who demonstrate good sporting behavior.

What Constitutes Good Sporting Conduct?
The definition of good sporting conduct is left to the discretion of the member institution with the understanding that the behavior should be at a standard beyond what is normally expected during the course of play.

How Many Awards Will Be Given?
There is no limit on the number of awards that will be given. Institutions are encouraged to nominate and recognize as many acts of good sporting behavior as are exhibited.

How Will Nominations Be Judged?
Judgments will not be made by the Patriot League office. Each nomination properly submitted by the member institution will receive the award.

Who Can Nominate?
Individuals and teams can be nominated by any institutional or Patriot League staff member. A staff member can nominate anyone from his or her own institution or any Patriot League institution.

What Recognition Will Be Received?
The award recipients will receive an Award of Good Sporting Conduct certificate, be listed on the Patriot League's website and will be publicly recognized at an institutional event.

How Will Nominations Be Submitted?
To nominate an individual or team, contact Richard Wanninger at the Patriot League office to receive a nomination form or use the PDF copy below. The completed form should be signed by the Athletic Director or their designee and returned to the Patriot League office.

  • Award of Good Sporting Conduct Nomination Form 

    Patriot League Award of Good Sporting Conduct Honorees
    NameInstitutionSportSporting Behavior
    Stephen Kish (Head Coach)Bucknell UniversityRowingShortly after launching the Navy 4 boat for a practice row the morning of the Patriot League Championship, the shell suffered damage and was unrowable for the race. The Bucknell coaching staff lent Navy their spare 4 so Navy could compete. This gesture resulted in Navy winning the Varsity 4 event at the 2010 Patriot League Championship. (April 2010)
    Captain Andrea Stover (Coach)U.S. Naval AcademyRowingCAPT. Stover works as a volunteer coach for the U.S. Naval Academy women's rowing team. She is a great example of an officer for the team and also brings a level of intensity, dedication and motivation to the team that is absolutely invaluable. She completes workouts with the team off the water, comes everyday on the water and mentors the girls both professionally and athletically. (March 2008)
    Al Cantello (Head Coach)U.S. Naval AcademyCross CountryGoing above and beyond the duties of simply "coaching", Al has embodied the sport of cross country over the past four decades. He never hesitates to stick up for the runners, and not only "knows" his running, but loves through them, so he shares our success and failures. He has coached and enforced good sportsmanship and professional behavior within his team. After losing the 2007 Patriot League Championship by one point, he ensured that the team held their heads up and congratulated the winning team on their victory. No other coach has this ability to match with his experience. (March 2008)
    Meghan Thiel (Student-Athlete)AmericanWomen's Swimming and DivingWhile on her way to an NCAA 'A' cut in the 1,650-yard freestyle, Thiel's cap began to fall off during the race. While many swimmers would have given up, or worse, thrown their goggles after the race in anger and disgust, Thiel handled the situation with grace and class. She still broke the pool record en route to the victory. (February 2007)
    Deborah Fink (Student-Athlete)LafayetteTrack and FieldAs a senior, Fink entered the Patriot League Championship with the fastest time in the 400 hurdles and was favored to win the event. Lafayette was in contention to finish second overall, so the head coach asked her to run in four events for the team. She ran a personal best time in anchoring the second-place 4x800-meter relay Friday, and then she ran the 400-meters and placed third on the Saturday. Her best event - the 400-meter hurdles - was less than 90 minutes later and she ran her best en route to a second-place finish. She all but sacrificed an individual gold medal to help the team maximize its point total. Fink exhibited true sportsmanship and unselfishness for Lafayette women's track and field team at the Patriot League Championship. (May 2006)
    Glen Conley (Head Coach)ArmyWomen's VolleyballConley was the recipient of the 2005 Patriot League Volleyball Coach of the Year. At the awards banquet, Conley thanked his team and the other participants at the Patriot League Championship, and said he felt he was not worthy of the award. He stated that the award should go to the family of John "Skip" Wilhelm, a long-time assistant coach at the U.S. Naval Academy, who passed away on Veterans Day. He presented the plaque to Navy Head Coach Mike Schwob to forward to Wilhelm's family. (November 2005)
    Daniele Menard (Student-Athlete)LafayetteSwimming and DivingIn a dual meet against Lehigh, Menard stepped up and helped coach the diving team. She prepared the divers for the competition, coached the warm-up and ended up judging two diving competitions. Besides those duties, she was preparing to compete in both the 1-meter diving event and the 200-yard breaststroke. In collegiate diving, both coaches judge, so the senior captain served as a judge for the women's 3-meter and the men's 1-meter diving competition. The head coaches and athletic directors approved Menard to serve as a judge. Menard, who hails from Westwood, Mass. finished second in the 1-meter diving event as a competitor, and sixth in the 200-yard breaststroke. She deserves to be recognized for her efforts and dedication to the Lafayette program and for her ability to 'detach' herself from being a student-athlete and teammate to being an objective judge. (November 2005)
    Asher Saleem (Student-Athlete)BucknellMen's TennisSaleem always conducts himself in the highest manner on the court. He brings the best out of his opponents, both their tennis play and sporting behavior. On April 8, 2004, he lost the first set in a very important match, yet continued to demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship by complementing his opponent from Lehigh. His level-headed control of adversity allowed him to win his match. (April 2004)
    Jim Poling (Head Coach)ArmyMen's Tennis(April 2004)
    Men and Women's Tennis Teams, Men and Women's Lacrosse Teams and Facilities and Operations StaffLehighMen and Women's Tennis and Men and Women's LacrosseLehigh University displayed true sportsmanship by helping out their rival, Lafayette, allowing the Leopards to use some of Lehigh's athletic facilities due to weather issues. On more than one occasion, Lehigh administration and coaches allowed Lafayette to use their turf field giving the Leopards an opportunity to practice on a turf field and play an early season contest. Additionally, Lehigh allowed Lafayette to use its indoor tennis courts in order to play a Patriot League match. Lehigh's commitment to supporting Patriot League play and a fellow Patriot League member, exemplifies good sporting behavior. (Spring 2003)
    Fran O'Hanlon (Head Coach)LafayetteMen's BasketballWhen a Lehigh student jumped out of the stands and ran across the floor and attempted to pull down the shorts of a Lafayette player as he was preparing to head to the free throw line, O'Hanlon stepped forward and requested that a technical foul NOT be called in this circumstance, even though the rules of the game indicate a technical should be called for such an event. The action to let the players decide the outcome of the game on the court was initiated by O'Hanlon without hesitation. It is this classy and predictable action from an education leader that merits this recognition. (January 2003)
    Men and Women's Tennis Teams and Head Coach Barbara YoungLafayetteMen's and Women's TennisWith the match score tied at "three-all" both of the Lafayette teams, under the guidance of Head Coach Barbara Young, watched as the rivalry match played out. The Lafayette coach and both teams demonstrated not only the highest level of sportsmanship, but also compassion, empathy and class. (Spring 2002)
    Men Women's Swimming and Diving Team and Head Coach Jim DaileyLafayetteSwimming & DivingAllowing use of the Lafayette swimming and diving facilities while Lehigh's facilities were under repair. (Winter 2002)
    Ty Esler (Student-Athlete)LehighMen's TennisOutstanding and fair calls during a match. (Fall 2001)
    Men's 4 x 100-meter Relay Team
    (Lavar Pope, George Evans, Aaron Lynn and Francis Vincent)
    LehighMen's Outdoor Track and FieldAfter being awarded second place medals at the 2004 Patriot League Outdoor Track and Field Championship, the Lehigh 4x100-meter men's relay team turned in the medals after it was discovered the relay team had been disqualified in the event. The championship staff and meet officials had incorrectly communicated final results, which subsequently led to Lehigh's relay team being announced as second place finishers and incorrectly being awarded medals. Once it was discovered that the team had been disqualified, the team came forward and presented their medals to Bucknell.