A standing committee of the Patriot League, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) was established to deal with welfare matters pertinent to all student-athletes in the Patriot League and the NCAA. In addition, the Patriot League SAAC program will serve as a support for campus SAAC programs to ensure the interests of all student-athletes. Matters developed by Patriot League SAAC are appropriate to present as recommendations to the Committee on Athletic Administration (CAA) and Sport Management Committee (SMC) for consideration and/or action.

    The Patriot League SAAC membership is comprised of two student-athlete representatives from each member institution and a League office liaison. The committee meets in-person annually during the summer, denoted as the SAAC Retreat. The location of the SAAC Retreat is determined during the academic year prior to the meeting. In addition to the SAAC Retreat, there are two conference calls per semester that will be conducted in the evenings to avoid class and practice for the student-athletes.


    Institution Student-AthleteSport
    AmericanEmilie IkedaField Hockey
    AmericanNatalie MarshField Hockey
    Army West Point Kelsey MinatoWomen's Basketball
    Boston University Jake De VriesMen's Tennis
    Boston University Emily TilloWomen's Golf
    Bucknell Claire Maree O'BryanWomen's Basketball
    Bucknell Matthew WymanMen's Track and Field
    Colgate Alexandra GadianoSoftball
    Colgate Nick LaubMen's Tennis
    Holy Cross Chris ConleyMen's Cross Country
    Holy Cross G. Matt Greco Men's Cross Country
    Lafayette Stephanie BenkoWomen's Cross Country
    Lafayette Abbey StefanidesField Hockey
    Lehigh Matt BonshakWrestling
    Lehigh Kendall GardenWomen's Lacrosse
    Loyola Maryland Cara EganWomen's Swimming
    Loyola Maryland S.J. TuohyMen's Basketball
    Navy Renata BucherWomen's Golf
    Navy Derek VogelMen's Soccer

    Mission Statement
    To enhance the student-athlete experience academically and athletically by providing an avenue through which the voice of student-athletes may be heard at the conference and national levels. The Patriot League SAAC representatives will be charged with enhancing student-athlete welfare, promoting a positive student-athlete image and developing leadership skills in a culturally diverse environment.

    Guiding Principles
    Patriot League SAAC will be guided by the following principles: Patriot League Code of Conduct; integrity; fairness and sportsmanship; and a respect for diversity. This respect for diversity includes, but is not limited to, understanding and respecting differences in gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, and sport participation.

    Patriot League SAAC Responsibilities and Expectations
    1. Patriot League SAAC representatives shall be active members of their campus SAAC programs, maintaining regular attendance at meetings and having an informed opinion to bring to Patriot League SAAC;
    2. It is the responsibility of SAAC members to become informed and educated about the various issues affecting the Patriot League and their institutions;
    3. At all times, Patriot League SAAC members must keep their campuses and the Patriot League office informed about relevant issues;
    4. Members must act with integrity as leaders and liaisons to their institutions, the Patriot League and the NCAA;
    5. Members must accept the responsibility of representing and participating on behalf of their campus SAAC program and institution; and
    6. Members must adhere to deadlines when submitting and responding to all forms of correspondence from the Patriot League office and other SAAC members.

    Patriot League SAAC Members and Officers
    Patriot League SAAC consists of two student-athlete representatives from each of the 10 member institutions. It is preferred that representatives on Patriot League SAAC be officers of his or her campus SAAC program. In addition to this 20 member group will be the Patriot League office liaison as well as the administrative liaisons on each Patriot League campus.

    Campus SAAC programs will elect representatives to Patriot League SAAC as openings occur. A student-athlete elected to serve on Patriot League SAAC should be an active member of his or her campus SAAC program. To promote greater diversity, it is also recommended that each institution elect representatives considering the following criteria:
    1. One female and one male;
    2. At least one underclassman; and
    3. Student-athletes participating in different competitive seasons.

    Each institution will also designate an alternative representative in the event that an elected representative is unavailable. League SAAC representatives should serve a minimum of two years to allow for greater continuity of ideas from year-to-year.

    Patriot League SAAC officers consist of one chairperson and one vice chairperson. The chairperson represents the Patriot League on NCAA Division I SAAC. Officers are eligible for reappointment. Elected leaders must meet the following guidelines:
    1. Election of officers must assure gender and sport equity;
    2. Upon election, the chairperson and vice chairperson must have at least one year of education remaining;
    3. Officers must attend all Patriot League SAAC meetings and conference calls; and
    4. Officers, in conjunction with the League office liaison, will preside over the meetings.

    NCAA Division I SAAC Appointments
    NCAA Division I SAAC consists of one student-athlete from each of the 32 NCAA conferences. The Patriot League's chairperson serves as the Patriot League's representative on NCAA Division I SAAC. The Patriot League representative shall serve on the NCAA Committee for two years. A student-athlete may serve for only one year after exhausting his or her athletics eligibility. Additionally, the Patriot League representative on NCAA Division I SAAC should be a member of his or her campus SAAC program and Patriot League SAAC.

    Patriot League Meeting and Conference Call Guidelines
    1. Representatives from each school must be in attendance at all League SAAC meetings and conference calls;
    2. Representatives are responsible for putting forth agenda items for meetings and conference calls;
    3. Representatives are required to refer relevant campus and Patriot League issues to the League SAAC program and the League office liaison; and
    4. At the conclusion of a SAAC meeting or conference call, representatives are responsible for disseminating information discussed to his or her campus SAAC program and relay any comments or concerns back to the League office liaison.

    Diversity and Gender Equity
    The Patriot League is committed to cultural diversity and gender equity within its membership, promoting respect and sensitivity to the dignity of every person and fostering participation of all student-athletes.

    As such, Patriot League SAAC will not tolerate disparaging comments, remarks, or jokes about any characteristic of a group of people including, but not limited to, race, class, gender or sexual orientation.


    Institution NamePhoneE-mail
    Patriot League OfficeKevan Donovan(610) 289-1959E-mail
    AmericanAthena Argyropoulous
    (202) 885-3024E-mail
    Army West PointStephanie Menio
    (845) 938-2294E-mail
    Boston UniversityJennifer Kentera
    (617) 353-2740E-mail
    BucknellTerrie Grieb
    (570) 577-3052E-mail
    ColgateJamie Mitchell
    Holy CrossArmani Rice
    (508) 793-2628E-mail
    LafayetteKaity McKittrick
    (610) 330-5474E-mail
    LehighJulie Ammary
    (610) 758-6378E-mail
    Loyola MarylandDavid Gerrity
    (410) 617-2547E-mail
    NavyChristine Copper
    (410) 293-6621E-mail