The Patriot League promotes opportunities for students to compete in Division I intercollegiate athletics programs within a context that holds paramount the high academic standards and integrity of member institutions, and the academic and personal growth of student-athletes.

The Patriot League will be the exemplary intercollegiate athletics conference in the country for student-athletes who demonstrate success both in academic achievement and athletic competition.

  • Offering broad-based and diverse athletic programs, the League schools are dedicated to shared values of integrity, character and the personal development of all students.
  • Student-athletes are provided the opportunity to achieve their athletic potential and compete successfully at the NCAA Division I level.
  • The Patriot League will be recognized nationally for the effective integration of Division I athletics into the educational mission of the institution.
  • Student-athletes are prepared to become leaders and to make meaningful contributions to society.
Guiding Principles
To realize the vision, the League will be guided by the principles identified below, and will monitor and assess achievement in each of the areas.
  • League members are NCAA Division I institutions with high academic standards and are deeply committed to enrolling and graduating student-athletes who are academically representative of their institutions. While maintaining high academic standards, League institutions provide successful competitive experiences within and outside the League. Member institutions are proud of their Patriot League affiliation and respect and trust each other to define and manage their athletics programs according to League values.
  • Student-athletes are expected to demonstrate their commitment to both academic excellence and athletic competitiveness. They benefit from diverse, high-quality undergraduate experiences and graduate prepared to make meaningful contributions to society. Their athletic experience is consistent with strong academic values and exemplifies the highest ideals of ethical behavior and sportsmanship.
  • Professionals who are coaches and athletic/academic administrators in member institutions are respected as educators by colleagues within and outside their institution for their unwavering commitment to the quality of the student-athlete experience and their espousal of League values.
  • The League office under the direction of the Executive Director supports member institutions by communicating League values, managing programs in accordance with these values, and celebrating the achievements of student-athletes and League athletic/academic professionals. The office actively promotes the mission and vision of the League and supports the individual and collective efforts of member institutions to be recognized as leaders in the constructive reform of college athletics.