Past Women's Basketball Champions

YearChampionHead CoachRecord
(Patriot League)
Tournament MVPTournament
1990-91Holy CrossBill Gibbons25-6 (12-0)Mary Helen Walker, Holy CrossArmy
1991-92FordhamChris Wielgus21-8 (12-2)Christie Kennedy, FordhamLafayette
1992-93Holy CrossBill Gibbons22-7 (12-2)Norinne Powers, Holy CrossFordham
1993-94FordhamKevin Morris21-9 (11-3)Kelly Fitzpatrick, FordhamHoly Cross
1994-95Holy CrossBill Gibbons21-9 (12-2)Lauren Maney, Holy CrossFordham
1995-96Holy CrossBill Gibbons23-10 (9-3)Karen Juda, Holy CrossColgate
1996-97LehighSue Troyan15-15 (7-5)Kelly Collins, LehighLafayette
1997-98Holy CrossBill Gibbons21-9 (10-2)Amy O'Brien, Holy CrossNavy
1998-99Holy CrossBill Gibbons21-8 (11-1)Anna Kinne, Holy CrossNavy
1999-00Holy CrossBill Gibbons23-7 (11-1)Anna Kinne, Holy CrossBucknell
2000-01Holy CrossBill Gibbons21-8 (11-1)Monika Rothemich, Holy CrossLehigh
2001-02BucknellKathy Fedorjaka21-10 (11-3)Molly Creamer, BucknellHoly Cross
2002-03Holy CrossBill Gibbons24-8 (13-1)Maggie Fontana, Holy CrossArmy
2003-04ColgateBeth Combs21-10 (10-4)Malissa Burke, ColgateAmerican
2004-05Holy CrossBill Gibbons20-11 (12-2)Lisa Andrews, Holy CrossColgate
2005-06ArmyMaggie Dixon20-11 (11-3)Cara Enright, ArmyHoly Cross
2006-07Holy CrossBill Gibbons15-18 (7-7)Bethany O'Dell, Holy CrossAmerican
2007-08BucknellKathy Fedorjaka16-16 (8-6)Kesha Champion, BucknellHoly Cross
2008-09LehighSue Troyan26-7 (12-2)Alex Ross, LehighLafayette
2009-10LehighSue Troyan29-4 (13-1)Alex Ross, LehighAmerican
2010-11NavyStefanie Pemper20-12 (10-4)Jade Geif, NavyAmerican
2011-12NavyStefanie Pemper18-14 (8-6)Jade Geif, NavyHoly Cross
2012-13NavyStefanie Pemper21-12 (11-3)Alix Membreno, NavyHoly Cross
2013-14ArmyDave Magarity25-8 (14-4)Kelsey Minato, ArmyHoly Cross
2014-15AmericanMegan Gebbia24-9 (16-2)Jen Dumiak, AmericanLehigh

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