Colgate To Drop 'Red' From Its Nickname Red Raiders



Aug. 15, 2001

The Colgate University Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the President, Director of Athletics and the members of the campus Committee on Athletics, has announced that the University will dropped the "Red" from its nickname Red Raiders. The change will be initiated immediately.

Colgate adopted the name Raiders to move away from the racial stereotype, which is indeed not the true origin of the nickname for Colgate but may nonetheless be offensive to the general public in ways that undermine the institution's values and commitments.


WHEREAS, the nickname Red Raiders was originally coined by Dexter Teed as a reference to the new maroon uniforms of the 1932 football team, but later associations for many years created references to Native American caricatures and mascots,

AND WHEREAS, though Colgate dropped the Native American references in the 1970s, sentiments connected to the old mascot linger and there has been pressure to change the nickname,

AND WHEREAS the on-campus Committee on Athletics - comprising students, faculty and staff - has recommended that "Red" be dropped from the Red Raider nickname to remove any possible inference of a racial stereotype,

AND WHEREAS, the State Education Department is encouraging high schools throughout the state to change nicknames and mascots that signal a racial stereotype, and "Red Raiders" is on that targeted list,

AND WHEREAS Colgate recruits students from those schools and seeks to be a model for them,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Colgate teams henceforth shall be known as the Raiders, and further, that as new uniforms, equipment and publications are phased in, they will incorporate the new name.