Patriot League 20th Anniversary Profiles: Dr. Mary Oliverie



Jan. 25, 2011

Name: Dr. Mary Oliverie
Institution: Lehigh University
Sports: Softball/basketball
Positions: Centerfield/Guard
Graduation Year: 1993
Undergraduate Degree: B.S., Industrial Engineering
Did You Know?
Won the Mary O. Hurley Award for leadership at Lehigh

Dr. Oliverie was a two-sport student-athlete at Lehigh in the sports of basketball and softball. She was a member of the 1993 Patriot league champion women's softball program and named to the League's Academic Honor Roll as a senior (1993).

She was the recipient of the 1993 Mary O. Hurley Award, which is given to the top leadership award for females in the Lehigh athletic department. This is awarded to the female athlete who best represents the Lehigh traditions of leadership, character, athleticism, scholarship, service, sportsmanship, a cooperative attitude and enjoyment of sports. The award is named for counselor Mary O. Hurley, a former Associate Dean of Students at Lehigh.

Following graduation from Lehigh, Dr. Oliverie has embarked on a successful career in the dental field.

Q: What factors helped in your decision to attend Lehigh?
A: The standard of excellence in the classroom, combined with the people and the atmosphere. I was always confident I would get a superior education, but I was amazed at the support system and the quality of people at Lehigh that were committed to helping me reach all of my goals!

Q: Who were your sports idols growing up and why?
A: The Pittsburgh Steelers organization, specifically the Rooney family. It was not easy growing up in a Jets/Giants household. When I was little in the 1970s, I am sure I was attracted to the "winner". But through the years as I was learning about life they proved year in and year out how to work hard, shoot for the stars, BUT always keep your humility, and character comes first!

Q: What was your proudest athletic accomplishment(s) at Lehigh?
A: Winning the Patriot League Softball Championship in my senior year!

Q: What was your proudest academic accomplishment at Lehigh?
A: I cannot really point out a single accomplishment. I can remember taking a moment on graduation day to stop, look around and really reflect on my entire body of work as a student athlete. I can tell you I was smiling ear to ear.

Q: How were you able to balance the demands in the classroom with the demands of being an athlete?
A: Many times I would wonder how other students that did not participate in athletics would pass the time. I always found athletics provided great balance in my life. It forces you to give 110 percent to the task at hand, which in the end "raises the bar". I feel you should never reach your goals. If you make them high enough you will bring yourself up to another level, which in turn will reset the bar and your goals. It will always keep the hunger alive.

Q: How did your experience as a student-athlete prepare you for life after college?
A: It provided me with a systematic approach to prevail any challenge in life. I run three businesses with two small children at home, and it is very common for people to ask me "you have so much passion and energy, do you ever get tired?" I just smile because I know I am one of the lucking ones and people cannot tell if I am working or playing, it just blends.

Q: If you could go back to college and compete one more time, where would it be and against whom?
A: Actually, I would not change a thing.

Q: If you had to offer current student-athletes some words of wisdom what would they be?
A: To count their blessings everyday. It is an honor and a privilege to represent their university. When they graduate and embark on their next journey in life, immediately they will recognize the gifts they have developed during their time in school. They should strive to nurture those gifts and continue to grow throughout life.

Q: Do you still follow Lehigh athletics?
A: Yes. More to come in the near future, but fortunately because of the Internet it is always at my fingertips.

Q: Looking back, what does it mean to you to have been a Patriot League student-athlete?
A: The BEST of both worlds. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to excel in the classroom and on the field. The friends, the teammates and the competitiveness are truly unique and first class in the Patriot League.

Q: Can you talk about your professional career?
A: After graduating from Lehigh, I was accepted to Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia. I graduated with a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry (DMD) and then completed a one-year general practice residency at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, N.J.

Since then I have been in private practice in the town in which I was born and raised - Wall, N.J. Again, I have been blessed with endless opportunities in the dental field. I have a family practice, and through the years I have trained and graduated from the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle, Wash., where I learned to provide advanced dentistry. So I am now able to help those in the community that require full-mouth prosthetic reconstructions, implant surgeries, and bone grafting to mention a few. Recently, I opened my own 3D imaging center and with our Cone Beam Computed Tomography we plan all our surgery cases digitally, virtually eliminating any guesswork.